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         Our Rules and Conditions

  • To fund your accounts via Webmoney you need to make calculations in useful form at the main page. There you could choose desired amount of funds which will be sent to your account and cell Number of your operator where you need to send a SMS to make exchange operation.
  • To make exchange operations you need to register first at the following page:

    Please fill in the form with correct data to avoid any problems during exchange operations.
    After you are registered you may start making exchange operations.
  • You will receive a reply via SMS as soon as you sent exchange SMS to provided cell number.
    In that SMS you will find confirmation number to your transaction. To confirm your exchange operation please fill in that Numeric number in the form at History page in Member's Area. Only digits please.
  • As soon as operation is confirmed it will be processed within 5 minutes.
  • Service leaves the right ro check your SMS and fund your accounts after checking only. The check may take up to 24 hours.

  • Please be attentive during exchange operation. Make sure that you have sent a SMS with correct TEXT body.

  • Confirmation code will be available during 60 minutes to be entered.

  • You may send only 1 SMS within each hour. Please be careful and don't exaggerate this limit.

    Thank you for using our services

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Webmoney funding
clients get bonuses
after 5 drafts.

funding wmr and wmz
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